about us


PEDIFISH is one of the leading company in the supply of original Indian garra (dr fish) and fish spa equipments from Mumbai.

We are known for our quality of service and experience to ensure that our products meet customers’ expectations. We are equipped with proper knowledge, tools and valuable experience.

We install and deliver fishes and fish spa equipments all over India at very reasonable prices with a minimum order quantity of 300 fishes...

Fish price does not include transportation, freight and packing charges, which will be extra.

Our Garra Rufa Fish are handled and packed with utmost care


PEDIFISH has opened their first outlet at Esselworld in Mumbai. We also look forward for more outlets at all the amusement parks, water parks, resorts, hotels and many places in Mumbai very shortly.

FISH SPA all about

Fish spa therapy brings a smile to your face. Once you have passed the point of feeling ticklish, the fish begin to act as a stimulating, yet relaxing massage with hundreds of them running their little suction cup mouths along your feet and toes. Rest assured, these fishes have no teeth!

During a treatment, fishes cleanse away the dead skin i.e hard and dry skin, heal cracks in the feet leaving you feet with healthy, rejuvenated skin. It helps new skin to grow; perform micro massage that will feel amazing, refreshed and healthy. These miracle fish can also stimulate acupuncture points, helping to regulate the nervous system, relax the body and release fatigue. Your blood circulation and flow is also greatly increased during the treatment. Those who go through this fish pedicure can also reduce leg pain, stress and strain

The Garra Rufa the fish actually only remove the dead skin cells with their gentle sucking action and leave the fresh and healthy skin cells behind...they are only interested in the skin you want to get rid of .However, the clever little Garra Rufa are only obsessed in the dead and damaged skin cells on your feet. When your feet are emerged into their water, they will set to work straight away removing those dead and damaged cells, leaving just the healthy living tissue. Whether you have hard patches of dead skin on your feet, skin disease such as psoriasis or just fancy a tune up of your feet, the Garra Rufa fish can do the job for you. These tiny fish used for fish pedicures or manicure are toothless and gentle. While fishes doing the job you should feel perfectly comfortable and relaxed

The treatment is not only for pedicures of course - manicures are commonly available and some spas now have full body tanks.