Esselworld Pictures

PEDIFISH has opened their first outlet at Esselworld in Mumbai. We also plan to open more outlets at all the amusement parks in Mumbai very shortly.

Vardhaman fantasy - Mira road / Chembur Kstar mall - Mumbai

Business Opportunity

We, PEDIFISH Inviting entrepreneurs interested in this unique concept to start their own fish spa, i.e manicure and pedicure fish spa centers. These entrepreneurs may be people who are looking at an easy to set up profitable business existing beauty parlour owners who want to expand their business with this latest fish spa technique that is quickly gaining popularity in all over Indian and beauty industry.

PEDIFISH will provide complete assistance to set up the new fish spa centers and can supply the fish for the treatment Fish spa for beautiful hands and feet, this technique also has many health benefits. Great opportunity to boost your income, great money earner. Very affordable and attractive for your salon/shop or even in the privacy of your home.

PEDIFISH, looking forward to establish long-term business relationship with your valued company on basis of mutual benefits.